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Promote your online store in Google Ads

The promotion of a virtual store on Google takes place in 2 ways. The first is what we call organic searches, where the virtual store has relevant content and SEO techniques to passively have a presence on Google. The second way is with the disclosure through Google Ads, creating store ads, products and offers; the most common billing format is PPC, where the advertiser pays per store visit.

While advertising on Google passively or organically relies more on the authority and quality of your store, in addition to the monthly work of updates and optimizations for the store to be quick and easy to navigate, disclosure can be divided into several formats, see some examples:

- Advertising with search campaign: This campaign displays text ads, where it prioritizes the name of the store or specific offers for visitors.

- Disclosure with Display Network campaign: These are graphic campaigns (images, texts, animations and videos) that use Google's network of sites (such as Youtube), applications and associated sites (such as large news portals).

- Disclosure with Google Shopping campaign: In this campaign format, the virtual store needs to send the products to Google Shopping, that is, it is necessary to have this integration. The products are advertised with prices in large windows.

- Campaign with remarketing segmentation: This configuration can use the formats above (Search and Display) to display ads specifically for those who have already visited your store, where the objective is to lead the visitor to make a purchase.

There are several ways to promote the virtual store on Google Ads, our professionals can meet and get to know your virtual store to offer the best solutions for your needs and business format.

Main advantages:

• Google search and its product derivations are the most assertive way to publicize it on the internet with the PPC format. All the big brands use this medium;

• Track the direct impact on sales to know the return on investment (ROI);

• Take advantage of organic and paid searches, maximizing the use of Google services;

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