Trust a company that Google trusted to be your partner.

Eco Webdesign is Google Partners.

Google Ads is a new sales avenue for your e-commerce, perhaps even the main one. It is common for companies in the United States to invest between 9 and 10 thousand dollars per month in Google Ads. Most of them all have a return well above the investment.

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Our objective will be to enhance the your e-commerce sales.

In the marketing world, Google Ads is considered an investment with a short-term return. We understand short-term as a period of 3 to 6 months for a significant return and identification of changes in strategy. Fortunately, it is quite common for customers to return in 3 months or less.

Eco Webdesign has 3 highlights in the Google Ads advisory service in relation to the market:

1. Personalized service

2. Quick and practical support via WhatsApp

3. Monthly installment contract, without termination penalty, we want to deliver results, whether in service, information or leads, in the first month!

* We don't just run the Ads service, we also share Google data and insights about your website's SEO. We will suggest improvements to the service pages, page content and blog. We know how Google works and we will share it with you.

understand how we work.

1. certified professionals

All Google Ads tool operators are Google Skill Shop certified;

2. We identify the objective

We identify with the client the objective of the campaign and map the needs to generate the campaign effectively from the display of the ad to the conversion on the website;

3. Monitoring and maintenance

Our specialists work daily on campaigns performing maintenance, adjustments and optimizations, in order to guarantee good performance and results;

4. Monthly reports by email

Our results cycle is monthly, where our clients are automatically notified of the result by e-mail, as well as receiving reports produced by the specialists;

5. relationship and commitment

When necessary, we participate collaboratively in the company's marketing team group, sharing our knowledge, insights and tool data;

6. Easy access to support

We hold meetings with the client whenever necessary, mostly free of charge;

Speak to an expert and surprise

Contact Us to answer questions and learn more about products and services related to creating websites that can transform your business.

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Examples of Ads:

Example of Search Network Ads for eCommerce

Advertisements on the Search Network bring your business face to face with those who want to purchase your products and services.

Search network campaign example

Example of ads in Display Campaign for e-commerce

Show your ads at the right time whether on websites or apps. The Display Campaign spans the entire network of Google and associated sites.

Display campaign example

Example of targeted ads for e-commerce remarketing

Impact customers who entered your online store with ads for the product of interest, encouraging the user to make the purchase.

Remarketing campaign example

Example of shopping ads for e-commerce

Privileged visibility in product-specific Google searches. Did you know that most users make their purchase decisions only on Google? For this reason you need to be there too.

Example Shopping campaign
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Value and investments in credit.

The value of the advisory depends on the size and number of campaigns, in addition to the credits added to each one.

The monthly minimum amounts are R$300,00 for advice and R$1.000,00 in credits to Google.

Our advice remains at this value until the campaign has the value of R$3.000,00 in credits, above this value, our workforce will be re-evaluated.

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See Google Ads customers who confirm the quality

Image Customer Eco Webdesign - Testimonial

Roniel Lima Delta Sun Elevators

Without a doubt, they know very well what they do!!! Great job on website development and Google Ads. I recommend it to everyone!

Image Customer Eco Webdesign - Testimonial

Rodolfo Ferreira Curti & Aúco Advogados

Eco Webdesign does an excellent job both in building web pages, site maintenance support and Google Ads. Organized staff attentive to the needs of your business. We've been together for a few years and with a high level of satisfaction with the support they give us!

Image Customer Eco Webdesign - Testimonial

Christian Eden Official Donna

We have been working with Eco for over 5 years. We have the website for sales and use Google ADS services. We are so satisfied with the services provided that whenever they ask us (customers and even competitors) we recommend Eco. It is certainly the best option for our company.

It's been years of work and study, disseminating knowledge and helping clients to get benefits to Internet.

We are 5 stars in Google my Business and we are dedicated to ensuring that the level of service is always the same, without distinction! Go there and see with your own eyes the evaluations of people who trust us.

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*Testimonials taken from logo google my business

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