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Google Campaign Management

Campaigns on Google are known as PPC (pay per click, translates to pay per click) because you only pay after the visitor interacts with the ad. Even with other formats (which we apply in advanced settings), Google Ads PPC campaigns are the best known and most important in digital marketing due to their effectiveness and guarantee of results.

For the management of Google Campaigns, it is necessary to hire a professional who has an IQ qualification (individual qualification) who is linked to a company that meets the month-to-month requirements of Google Partners, such as Eco Webdesign. This certification and proof of conduct increases the effectiveness of the results.

We are experts in creating and managing Google Ads Campaigns, see the most common examples of disclosure:

- Search Campaign: Ads in Google searches as soon as the visitor searches for what you do or sell;

- Display Network Campaign: Graphic and animated ads on partner apps and websites (such as news portals);

- Campaign with remarketing targeting: It can be for search and display, but the ads "follow" the visitor after the view for him to return to the site;

- Campaign on the map: Although Waze is not part of the Google Ads package, we also carry out campaigns on the app with a focus on promoting locations on the map. Ads are displayed along the way;

Main advantages:

• High chance of good results as Google Ads is the most consolidated tool in the PPC market.

• Boosting results by working with a company that specializes in webdesign and is a Google Partner partner. Website experience is one of the pillars of Google Ads and directly affects campaign performance.

• Tracking return on investment (ROI) when working with measurable goals.

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