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How to create ads on Facebook Ads (Meta Ads) and Instagram

The undeniable power of social networks impacts people's lives at all times. Everyone with access to the internet is interacting at some level on social media or messaging apps like Whatsapp.

With the work of creating ads on Meta Ads, which cover the social networks Facebook and Instagram, you can spread the reach of your brand to increase your customer base.

With this type of campaign it is possible to meet 3 objectives, in principle:

Brand awareness: Promote your brand and increase its recognition among your audience and region. It is essential that people remember your brand so that, when making a decision, they positively consider what you sell and offer;

Lead Generation: Lead generation is capturing contact from people interested in what you do or sell to do business with you. Combined with our website specialized in capturing contacts, you will be able to receive contacts to facilitate commercial activities by speaking to a qualified and interested audience.

Shopping: Essential for virtual stores, displaying products on social media and interacting with people is fundamental to success. Product-specific campaigns seek to propagate the product catalog with the aim of making a purchase, whether on your e-commerce, marketplace or on the social network itself.

What is included in our advertising plan:

- Planning and creation of the Campaign;
- Creation of artwork in accordance with regulations for advertising placement;
- Management of Campaign ads;
- Monthly results report;

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