History of Eco Webdesign

  1. We started in 2009 with the aim of offering websites with superior quality to the solutions available on the market. As a small agency that started in a room and only 2 people got our first clients who gave us the opportunity to show our work (several of them are with us to this day).

    In mid-2012, with the experience gained, willingness to help people and technical knowledge, we invented Best Shortcut, our own CMS platform to offer our quality in webdesign and good positioning on Google for only the price of hosting.

    With the success of Melhor Atalho, we considerably increased our number of clients served in 2015 and 2016, we acquired Google Partners certification by offering quality campaigns and we integrated Melhor Atalho to Eco Webdesign's unique platform that we call CMS.

    Now more structured, in 2019 we launched our own CRM solution to manage the interactivity and sales of contacts received by the website and in 2021 we combined our CMS and CRM to start a Digital Experience Platform project called Interago in partnership with the Amazon AWS infrastructure . The word Interagado means interactions and together with ecoar, the name that bears our brand, it expresses exactly what eco is today: "Echoing and propagating through the internet with interactivity and connectivity between computers and people".watering the interactToday with a team that directly and indirectly exceeds 20 people and we continue to offer high quality web design at very competitive prices. Our development sources allow you to organize and manage large volumes of information and generate scalable solutions that you can start with very little investment.

    We are in the process of internationalization, offering solutions in Portuguese and English and constantly expanding, focusing on results, customer satisfaction and the success of our team.

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