Eco Webdesign Principles

  1. Principle 1:The web is a direct or indirect reality in the lives of all people and we inform, build and carry out activities on the web to make people's lives better.Principle 2:Eco Webdesign is people together in person or remotely for the same purpose. Everyone is equally important, from the engineer to the cleaning person. Treating everyone equally is a duty.Principle 3:Demand for work delivered on time is what justifies the commitment.Principle 4:Communicating, tracking and communicating again is essential. Both among the team and with the customers, everything needs to be informed.Principle 5:People do the most important thing, including automating processes to make life easier for others. Automating processes for machines to work and freeing people up for more essential and creative items always needs to be on the agenda.

e-book image how the web can transform your business

How the web can transform your business

In this E-book with a simple language and focused on the entrepreneur you will learn about many opportunities and new ways where the web can present significant improvements in your company

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