Main doubts

How much does it cost to make a professional website?

We have simple solutions worth R$4.950,00 and also more complex solutions that start at R$9.000,00 and can reach more than R$15.000,00

Can I change information on the site?

Yes, you will have access to a panel where you can edit content via the menu, or else HTML, CSS and JavaScript code with a Code Editor in the VSCODE look.

I have a website outside the Interago platform, do you make changes to it?

We don't. We have technical knowledge to do, but we chose not to format this solution because of the cost to the customer and also the effectiveness of the work.

Do you make website with Wordpress?

We do not use third party platforms to run our solutions. We developed our own CMS platform, it's called Interago and it's a digital experience platform.

I have hosting, do you develop my website and put it there?

If you have this hosting only for the website, we recommend canceling it, as you will have access to Interago, our digital experience platform, where your website will be installed. Otherwise, we can also connect our platform with your hosting and the website is automatically installed in your environment. This configuration does not exempt the monthly fee of R$50,00/month from our platform.

Do you host a website I already have?

We do not host third-party websites, all our projects are linked to Interago, our digital experience platform.

What happens if I don't pay the monthly fee?

In the absence of payment, it is no longer possible to access the site through the browser, our technical support no longer opens calls and access to the platform is restricted to registration data. You can talk to our finance to ask questions about your monthly fee here.

Does Eco Webdesign develop a Virtual Store?

Yes, our Interago digital experience platform has several components that allow the creation of Virtual Stores.

How much does an online store cost?

The average value of our virtual stores is R$ 4.950,00. The value may change according to the requested features.

What is the monthly fee for the Virtual Store?

From R$90,00 up to 100 products. Up to 500 - R$170,00, up to 1.000 - R$230,00, up to 2.000 - R$315,00, up to 3.000 - R$360,00

Why make a virtual store with Eco and not on another platform?

First of all, you will be well assisted by our support team, our relationship sector will surprise you, second our platform has high indexing power in Google, helping in your sales strategy

How much does Eco Webdesign share in new projects?

We have installments of up to 6 interest-free bank slips, depending on the value of the project, it can be higher.

Can I pay for my website by credit card?

Yes, with payment in up to 10 installments with interest.

How much does it cost to make Google Ads with Eco Webdesign?

Our advice on Google Ads starts at BRL 300,00 per campaign.

Will my new website project with Eco Webdesign be mobile-friendly?

Yes, your website will be responsive, compatible with 99% of electronic screens, even TVs.

Will my site perform well on Google's Web Vitals metrics?

We are a very Google-aligned company, and your site will score great in these areas.

Does Eco Webdesign have a corporate email service?

We do not have email hosting. We understand our customer's needs, and direct them to a reliable solution. For example, if he uses less than 5 email addresses there is a great free service called Zoho Mail. We make all the necessary configurations for our client to have the email fully working in the place where he chooses or hires.

I want to make a website quote, what do I need to inform?

Just let us know the structure you thought of for your site and examples of which sites you like. If you don't have this in mind, it will be a pleasure for our sales team to help you find the ideal structure for your business and help you find a reference. Our project showcase has several references, which can help a lot when choosing.

What is the average price of a website?

A simple website, R$4.950,00. A complex and personalized website, R$9.000,00.

Does Eco Webdesign develop systems?

No, but we can refer you to trusted partners.

Does Eco Webdesign develop logos?

No, but we can refer you to trusted partners.

Would you like a professional job on my social networks, does Eco Webdesign perform this service?

We do not have services to work with social networks, as we are focused on Google, both organic and paid (Ads).

Does Eco Webdesign run Google Ads campaigns for virtual stores?

Yes, we will work hard to increase your sales.

Does Eco Webdesign serve clients outside the state of São Paulo?

Yes, we have customers all over Brazil, we also have Brazilian customers outside the country.

How long does it take to develop a website?

Projects can take 40 to 60 days. It all depends on the size of your idea.

How much does it cost to maintain a website once it's finished?

Our digital experience platform keeps your website live, sends reports, stores contacts and allows for content and code editing. The monthly fee is R$ 50,00.

How much does a domain cost?

In 2023 it is 40 reais per year on, if you want a .br domain. For other domains it is necessary to check availability and prices, but the average can vary between 30 and 70 reais per year.

How much does a simple website cost?

Our simplest solution has an investment of R$4.950,00 and is ready in 40 days.

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