Eco Webdesign Workshops

  1. What are workshops?At Eco Webdesign the workshops are held weekly and last 1 hour. They are usually held on Monday mornings. The purpose of the workshop is to educate and update the team. We divided the workshop into company, development and commercial content. Eco Webdesign is what its employees make it be day after day.
  2. echo team at the workshop Culture and expansion of knowledge in a collaborative wayThe workshops for the entire team are administered by the partners themselves in order to promote knowledge, carry out dynamics and update employees on the reality of Eco Webdesign, as well as strategies and plans for the future.
  3. Consistent and practical technical growthFor programmers and operators in general, the development workshop covers everything from specific codes and best practices to important SEO updates, methodologies and infrastructure. In addition, our developers have exclusive channels to consult learning material and procedures. At Eco Webdesign we have excellence as a goal and this is only possible with the expansion and practice of knowledge.
  4. Commercial team that has authority on the subject Our commercial team has the advantage of understanding technical issues and believing in our culture and products. At Eco Webdesign we sell the point of view and method we believe in and experience, we sell solutions we trust and we know the results. In the workshops for the commercial team, we discuss new products, success stories and improvement of service methodologies.
  5. frontend challenge frontend challenge As a webdesign company, the entire ecosystem that involves the frontend, such as: user experience, HTML, styles, diagramming, animations, among others, needs to be at your fingertips. To help our developers, we create challenges where there is learning about the topic, code execution and evaluation of the results by a team of judges who provide feedback for all to learn.
    Frontend challenges are held in seasons and we are in the third edition. Winners are awarded cash and honorable mentions.
  6. 🥇 Season 1 winners - Jan to Jul 2021 Luan Cicarelli
    Rebecca Ignacio
  7. 🥇 Season 2 Winner - Aug to Dec 2021 Carla morales
  8. 🥇 Season 3 Winner - Jan to Jul 2022 ?

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