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Beginner 01 Plan

/ month

  1. 100 products
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Basic 02 Plan

/ month

  1. 101 to 500 products
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Professional 03 Plan

/ month

  1. 501 to 1000 products
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Scalability 04 Plan

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  1. 1001 to 2000 products
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/ month

  1. 2001 to 3000 products
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Personalized 06 Plan

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  1. 3001+ products
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Start by paying only R $ 50 per month.

Website visits: With a modern on-demand monthly payment format, the cost of your infrastructure increases proportionally according to the success of the website, thus avoiding the great enemy of websites that manage to achieve success, the fall for high volume of access.

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Understand your monthly infrastructure cost on Interago.

  1. institutional websites visitors image18 thousand monthly visits Here at Interago your site is in a very high performance availability network. For example, our Brazilian websites are accessed in São Paulo on the Amazon network (CloudFront) in a compressed, low-latency and secure way. This network has a high operating cost, which is why we account for R$50,00 for every 18 visits received.

    Visits are counted by unique visitors in our tracking tool. reports.

    It is possible to track accesses via Google Analytics or another third-party tool, however, it is mandatory to use our tracking to generate charges. For more information, see billing details at the bottom of this page.
  2. product image 625 products Interago's optimized catalog for products and services automatically creates storefront links, searches, sitemaps, Merchant Center Feeds, mass administration via Excel and many other resources. Customers pay R$50 monthly for each package with up to 625 products.
  3. support image Support Our support is available via WhatsApp and email. All active customers with monthly fees starting at R$50 can use support normally.
  4. report image Monthly reports Customer can receive monthly report in up to 10 email accounts and lead notifications in up to 5 emails. The report via WhatsApp message is exclusive to 1 phone per website. Additional needs are assessed on demand.
  5. peak image Peaks or use high demands All usage statements are evaluated, if your website makes excessive use of resources such as GB of space, many thousands of products, news or other resources, you will be notified for resolution of the usage with our support or personalized billing. This type of charge is required for less than 5% of all customers.
  6. 💰 The more you grow, the more you save Customers benefit from an automatic 1,5% discount for every R$500,00 spent on the platform's monthly fee. The discount can reach up to 22,5%. Values ​​above R$15.000,00 have special negotiation.
  7. Website and campaign changes Every demand requested by support that generates operational costs is sent to the customer with price and final deadline for approval.
  8. Other services Our commitment is with the quality and results that the client has through our services, so as a company specializing in web solutions, we have complete transparency in providing information about the possibility of execution, deadline and price of any type of service. It is necessary to send the demands for evaluation.
  9. Billing example There is no charge without consent.

    A client has an institutional website with up to 2500 products, receives an average of 30 thousand visits per month and uses 400MB of media space. The structural cost of this project is R$433,00 per month.
  10. 🚨 Misuse of resources If our team detects misbehavior, misuse, misappropriation of data, malicious code or inappropriate content of any nature within the tool, your service will be paused, recorded for legal action and account deleted without consent.
  11. 📈 Technical details about visit-based billing . All pages on the website must contain our tracking script;

    . The quantification is based on unique visitors, where each visitor is detected via a cookie lasting 1 day;

    . It is possible to see in real time the amount of unique visitors via the Dashboard;

    . Even if the browser of one or another visitor does not accept javascript, cookies or other technologies, the charge is based on the amount recorded inflexibly;

    . If the website owner feels harmed in any way, our support is available for dispute. There is no change in the charge, only evaluation for future cases if the judgment of our team verifies a very large variation in relation to Google Analytics;

    . Complementing the previous item, there is no commitment to base or accept data from another tool, as well as generating future discounts;

    . The consent statement is generated on the 02nd of each month, between 24pm and 12am. Before this statement, there is no billing formulation;

    . The extract is available via panel for up to 5 years. If the customer did not receive it by e-mail or other format, it is his/her obligation to view it via the panel;

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