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A company specialized in Google Ads, certified, reliable, transparent, without contractual fines, focused on results and great service.

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Our articles are focused on two things, being well positioned, that is, in the top positions of Google Organic and in this case it is for people of all Brazil looking for companies specializing in Google Ads, and deliver relevant and true content to our audience.

Letters on the table, I will give you the second most important information in this article, we are a Google Partner company, this means that Google trusts our company to the point of giving us a partner seal guaranteeing the quality of our work within the Google tool. ads 

Our services are focused on customer service, where we take care of your requests, taking a clear and simple message. In addition, we are committed to results for your established objective.

In this article you will find

  • How to find a company that specializes in Google Ads?
  • How a company earns the Google Partner badge
  • Eco Webdesign's Advice on Google Ads Campaigns
    • Project Manager
    • information capture
    • Routine
    • Delivery of Results and Reports
    • Google Ads Promotional Credits
    • Constant Qualification
    • Contract Without Termination Penalty
    • support course
    • Recommendation to our customers
    • Google Ads Invoice
  • Google Ads in the World of Digital Marketing
  • ad agency
  • How long will my campaign take?
  • How much do I need to put credit in Google Ads
  • Get in touch and ask your questions about Google Ads

How to find a company that specializes in Google Ads?

To find a company that specializes in Google Ads, you need to make sure of two things: 

First: This company needs to be a Google Partner, it is the least that a company that seeks to provide excellent service in some tool or technology is to be certified in the tool or technology. Therefore, be aware if the company you are looking for the service of creating and managing campaigns in Google Ads is a Google Partner. An extra tip, be aware that many companies use certificates and seals lightly, placing only the image of the certificate within their website, without giving the customer the conditions to validate that seal. The correct and mandatory way that the seal suppliers request is to place the seal validation link, as we do in the footer of our website.

Image Google Partners Seal on the Eco Webdesign Site

Second: Social proof, that is, look for a way to find out from the company's customer how it works, service, delivery of results, monitoring the tool and everything else that may involve the Google Ads service. This suggestion is actually great to use before hiring any service provider. There are several ways to get this "social proof", the most common way and that companies already make available on the site is with testimonials, I recommend that you be careful with testimonials that are a text made by the supplier where it is typed by the same. I particularly trust testimonials made on solid platforms like Google Maps, which is actually the Google Business Profile tool, or Google Company Profile. But the apex and the most reliable is a good old call, asking the company's customers and getting in touch, listening to the customer's mouth about the values, service and results.

Company Image with 5 Star Rating on Google

Eco Webdesign is an average of 5 stars with 159 reviews on Google

On our website we make all our customers available in full so that anyone who wants to get feedback on our work can get in touch and request. This posture even shows confidence in the market, as any competitor has access to our customers. 

Image List of Active Clients Eco Webdesign

In short, if you are looking for a company specialized in Google Ads, see if it has and if the Google Partner seal is active and try to see the reviews of this company, or even try to talk to their customers. Be sure to do this with Eco. ;) 

How a company earns the Google Partner badge 

Image Google Partner Seal

Many companies and liberal professionals seek to be worthy of the Google Partner seal, at least the most serious professionals and companies in the market, and achieving it requires dedication and effort, but it is also not a seven-headed animal or passing medicine in the Famerp. 

First, it is necessary for the professional who will operate Google Ads to obtain the Ads certificates within the Google Skill Shop platform, regardless of whether he is a liberal professional or the professional representing a company, it is necessary to obtain the certificates. Within the platform there are numerous courses for certification, it is necessary to have courses for the type of campaign that the company will work on, for example: Search Campaign, Display Campaign, Shopping Campaign, etc... 

Second, have experience, that is, have a volume of customers or volume of service within the tool, Google does not certify professionals without experience, and the way Google found to identify a minimum amount of experience was within the budget, so it is necessary that in the last 3 months, the account in which the certified professional is working has spent at least 10 thousand dollars. Yes, dollars, the bigger the dollar, the greater the challenge for Brazilians to beat the mint to be Google Partner. 

Third, performance, Google is able to identify the quality of campaigns within the company's account, so it requests that campaigns have a minimum optimization of 70% of what Google recommends. For this and other reasons it is safer to hire a Google Partner company.

Eco Webdesign's Advice on Google Ads Campaigns

Now it's the part that makes me most proud and happy, I will describe to you how our advisory work in our clients' Google Ads campaigns is like, this process is constantly evolving, don't worry, you will understand our intentions from the description of our current processes. 

Project Manager

We are a service provider company, and a large part of the success that we can deliver to our client depends on the ability we will have to communicate with this client. service via Whatsapp, call and meetings by videoconference whenever requested or necessary. More important than being available to our customers when they want to communicate, is knowing how to get the relevant information from our customer's business, so we can put it all in ads, extensions and CTA - Call to Action, or, Call to Action in Portuguese. - of the campaign.

Our operators will not lack willingness to explain how the tool works, feedback on results, or notes on changes to the campaign.

information capture

After the first payment, our team will have 5 days to deliver the campaign, so at the beginning, our specialist will contact you to capture the campaign information, we will understand the differential of your company, the service or product that will boost on Google Ads and we will do market research to understand what will be the best ads and initial keywords. We will capture the location of disclosure and also discuss the best budget strategy for this region and product, this analysis will be common during our partnership. 


In the first few months, there is a greater demand for communication from our part, as it is important that all doubts that may arise from the company, our client and its public are resolved.

First month: Every 7 days, you will receive a very summarized report of how your campaign is doing, information, Click, Impression, Conversions, Average CPC and Budget. We follow very closely at the beginning where quick optimization is needed to avoid unnecessary budget spending. Starting in the second month, Google will send a standard report to your email.

Second Month: You will receive the first report from Google, and at this point we will explain the whole “alphabet soup” of the Google Ads world. We will give a summary of how the campaign was, a very honest summary in relation to the difficulty of the campaign to mesh, competition and results. This month we will also invite you to visit all the keywords configured in your campaign, we will explain the reason for each one of them and their matches. 

Third Month: The third month is the last of the most intense months of communication from us. We will request a meeting and if it is not possible we will send it by email or whats. The purpose of this meeting is to compare the first with the second month, show how the campaign is evolving and present the Google Ads panel, go through some information such as: Conversions, Ad Schedule, Locations, Ads, Search Terms, etc. ...

Other Months: From the fourth month onwards, we will be more aware of your company, better understanding your audience and competitors, we will have a significant amount of data and from experience the demand for customer interaction drops a lot, so we will only contact you if necessary. to clear up any specific queries. It is important to highlight that our entire team will be available to schedule delivery meetings, ask questions, by whats, or change the strategy whenever it is in the interest of our customers and shyness in communication with the customer is strategic to have more resources at work of Ads, studying the data more and developing strategies to improve the campaign metrics and mainly the results - Google Ads conversions. 

Delivery of Results and Reports

We will do our best to provide you with all the information you need to make safe and more assertive decisions regarding your Google Ads campaign strategy. 

The first report that will be presented to you will be the simplified 7-day report, it will be sent every 7 days, from the start of the campaign to the end of the first month, it will contain summary information and feedback from the campaign manager of its temperature. 

The second report is the monthly one, a standard Google Ads report that will be automatically sent to your email by Google itself, usually until the fifth day of the month, in which you will have more complete information that will be explained in the second month of service.

Depending on your campaign, the follow-up of your business and the way you organize yourself, there may be a need for some information outside the standard reports, this report is customized, focused on your need and usually with the objective of answering an essential question for your business, marketing strategy, such as: 

  • What day and time of conversion, so I can compare with my CRM and see if the customer closed?
  • What search term did the customer convert, to see the lead temperature?
  • Which campaign or ad did the customer convert, to understand which CTA is better?
  • Which city converts the most?
  • Of the conversions, are they more men or women?

It sometimes happens that a customer requests a more in-depth explanation in a simple way so that he better understands what CTR means, for example. In these cases, we offer the information in two ways, the first is with a videoconference meeting and the second is a video dedicated to it with the audio explanation.

Finally, it is also possible for the client to have full access to the campaign, it will be with viewing permission, with this he will have access to the entire Google Ads tool, being able to access the web version or even the Google Ads App, where he will see in a summarized way your campaign data.

Google Ads Promotional Credits

Image Google Ads Promotional Credits by Eco Webdesign

Google ads always notifies people in your customer base by giving some promotional credits, for example, if you have a Google Company Profile registration - formerly Google My Business - your Google map registration - Google Maps -, it periodically sends in your email values ​​such as R$ 150,00 or R$ 225,00. It also does this routine for emails registered in other services related to companies such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Data Studio, Tag Manager, etc... 

The operation of these credits is simple, it is not a gift that you can spend the way you want, it is necessary to be aware of the criteria of each promotional credit, in most cases it is necessary that you spend a certain amount during a period for whom at the end you earn a credit amount to be used in the campaign, these promotional credits cannot be redeemed, they must be used in the campaign. 

When you become a Partner, the company gains the benefit of being able to offer these promotional credits at a much higher value. Currently, the promotional credits that Google Ads has released for Google Partner companies are in the amount of R$ 1.200,00, where the account must spend the amount of R$ 1.200,00 up to 60 days, so that at the end of this date, Google Ads credit another R$ 1.200,00 to the account. 

Constant Qualification

It is not just a doctor who needs to study for the rest of his life, those who work with technology stop studying, in less than 2 years this person is no longer competitive in the market. Working on a tool that is part of the Google group is not a simple task, Google brings constant updates to the tool, and a continuous study of the tool and the changes is necessary so that the professional is able to deliver high performance in the campaigns of the Google as. Our team is always aware of changes and also always doing empirical studies, creating a very productive knowledge bank for our customers. 

In addition to the tool, we studied the market and the change in user behavior within Google search, another important aspect to be able to bridge the gap between a service provider and its audience. 

Contract Without Termination Penalty

We have a contract, like any other serious service provider company, in this contract the objective is simply to give legal certainty to our client, because our way of working is very simple and transparent. Our service is monthly, we perform the advisory work on Google Ads in the month, for all customers who pay for the service in the previous month. Simple as that, paid for the service, not paid for the service is not provided. This means that we do not have a grace period or any type of fine determined by the contract period, we do not want companies paying for our services dissatisfied, so the client will only remain as an Eco client if he is satisfied with the result or service. We understand that the result comes in the long term, and we take responsibility for ourselves to monitor our information client month by month so that he understands how the campaign is evolving and how Google Ads works. We believe this approach is better than simply putting a 6 month or a year grace period on a contract, as our goal is to have partners and not just customers. 

Google Ads Support Course

Imagem Eco Webdesign Customer Support Google Ads Course

At this point in the championship, I believe it is already very clear how much we attach importance to knowledge, to sharing relevant information so that you can make better decisions, and it is not for nothing that our mission declares from the About page of Eco (Here), "Providing people with technology and knowledge to benefit from the internet". We materialize our mission not only in attitude or actions of the commercial or operational sector, we also created a course with the objective of explaining in depth the operation of the Google Ads service by Eco and of passing on basic knowledge of Google Ads, passing through some common terms in the tool, types of campaigns, when to use these campaigns giving a strategic vision, recommendations on how to give us feedback for your campaign to have great results and finally, some suggestions on how to increase your company's revenue with simple follow up techniques and some tools. 


  1. Introduction to our work
  2. successful conduct
  3. Introduction to Google Ads
  4. Types of campaigns
  5. Google Tools
  6. Ad Strategies
  7. How to track the results

Recommendation to our customers 

We always like to inform our customers that 50% of the responsibility for the success of the campaign lies with Google, and the other 50% is ours. It's extremely difficult to get results from a company that doesn't share its information, that doesn't have time to answer our questions, and in the case of leads, doesn't give feedback on the quality of the lead. Companies that are more engaged with our team get more results from their Google Ads campaigns than companies that are busier. We strongly recommend that when hiring the service, you allocate time monthly or quarterly to study the campaign and the results, or to communicate with us.

Google Ads Invoice

The tax part of Google is very simple, in the creation of the campaign we will put your company data or your personal data, until the fifth day of the month Google will generate the invoice of the credits used in the previous month, important to note, Google generates an invoice for the service provision of the credit used and not the credit placed in the account, as it is possible to request redemption of the amount placed. The Eco Webdeisng note is also a service delivery note, issued by our financial sector at the time of issuance of the slip or upon discharge and sent to the customer. 

Summarizing our Professional Advice Service on Google Ads

Synthesizing all our Google Ads service, we have great concern and attention in service, a high technical level in relation to the Google Ads tool, to the entire Google ecosystem - Analytics, Search, Tag Manager, Google, Business Profiel, SEO, among other less common - knowledge of website development that often helps direct the customer at which point it can be improved to have more results, whether leads or sales from e-commerce and a genuine concern with the customer's result, as customers without results are short-lived, we have been in the market for over 12 years and intend to stay for another 40. 

Google Ads in the World of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is gigantic, we can say it is any marketing action done on the web or in a digital way, so Google Ads is one part among many others that make up the Digital Marketing world. 

I like an analogy that is always received very well by our customers. Digital marketing is a planet and Google Ads is one of the countries that exists within this planet, I would say one of the most important countries. 

ad agency

Because advertising agencies centralize the vast majority of marketing services, it is common for some people to call companies that work with Google Ads an Ad Agency. 

How long will my campaign take?

One of the questions we receive the most from our customers, and there is a question that has no answer, or at least not the answer that the customer would like to hear. The most intellectually honest answer is that it's impossible to know, but this answer doesn't sell, much less pleases people who always look for security when they want to invest. 

Our answer is the most technical and honest possible, observing the performance of the campaigns we work with over twelve years of experience, we have identified that in general a campaign matures with at least three commercial cycles, that is, three months. We have already had the case of a lawyer who, in 15 days, requested a pause in the campaign because it was a small office and was already saturated with service, many of these, coming from the campaign, this case is well outside the curve, he was certainly very lucky. In another case, from a company that sells precast beams, it took more than a year to close its first deal from Google Ads, but the value closed was in the millions and the client informed that our service was paid for more than 10 years after a very happy customer interaction with our team. Taking the cases out of the curve, we understand that three months is enough to validate the campaign, understand if it is already paying for itself or if it needs to change the strategy. 

This is our honest and technical answer, we would love to be more objective, but the world is embedded and complex and it would be frivolous of me to state any certainty. 

How much (Value) do I need to put credit in Google Ads

Here we have another champion in the fight against our customers' doubts, and fortunately or unfortunately the answer is the same as the question above, there is no cake recipe, what exists is study and data collection. 

The ideal budget for your campaign depends on many factors, including the region where you will place the ad, the service or product, the amount of keyword selected, the search volume of users in the region you select, cost per click, competition , customer return expectation. Again it is not possible to set a value, but we give an idea of ​​value to start, and after the campaign starts, many times our Ads campaigns operator will talk about daily budget and cost per conversion. 

Our recommendation is that you start the campaign with the amount recommended based on a previous study or the amount that simply fits into your budget, because after the campaign starts, we will have data to offer that will help you better define the budget. 

Eco Webdesign Customer Testimonial

"I was looking for a company with a humanized service, but with all the solutions and technologies that the big ones in the sector deliver, that's when I found Eco Web Design. Service, excellence, commitment and transparency from the first contact."

Image Testimonial services Eco Webdesign 1

Get in touch and ask your questions about Google Ads

Image Talk to an expert

If you still have any questions about Google Ads, or our Google Ads advisory service, please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

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