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What are campaigns in Google.

Google campaigns are made up of paid ads in surveys, partner sites, Youtube, among others that show your brand, products and services. The most common model is to insert credits and whenever your site receives a visit per click on an ad, it consumes some of the credits.

About Google searches

The traditional campaign involves appearing on Google with links from your website. Eco Webdesign puts your site on top twice, with and without ads.

What are display campaigns

Ads with images and animations on partner sites that cover subjects of your choice (such as Youtube) or that accompany visitors interested in what you offer.

What are remarketing campaigns

Remarketing: You know when you visit a website and it starts chasing you everywhere. Exactly that, this campaign can help you to increase the conversion in customers.

What are Google Shopping Campaigns

Use Google searches as an extension of your product showcase display. Google Shopping campaigns are focused on visits that make purchases.

What are Youtube campaigns

Campaigns specialized in maximizing the potential of your videos and converting them into brand awareness and more sales.

What are campaigns in Waze

Campaigns on Waze are a great differentiator for companies that focus on receiving customers such as gas stations, parks, bars and restaurants. It impacts drivers along the route.

How to do campaigns on Google

It all starts with the need to have a great website. Through the website, we control the visits received and objectives achieved in each link disclosed. Our experts plan the campaign to raise the budget needed in credits to meet your goals.

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Benefits to make your campaign with Eco Webdesign

We are a company that meets the requirements of Google Partners to offer the best in results for our customers.

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1. Service and total attention to your needs

We explain the planning, costs, expected return, scope, exhibition times, among many other items so that the entire process is clear and transparent. The service is a great differential of Eco Webdesign. We are 5 stars in 130+ Google reviews.

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2. Execution and monitoring of results

“Hands on”, all contributors involved in your campaign are certified and perform all keyword settings, ad creation, artwork, extensions, integrations and much more. The service continues to communicate about results and whether they are correctly impacting the client's company.

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3. The best in web solutions to maximize your return on investment

Our goal is to create websites that get hits by Google and impress visitors to do business with you. At Eco Webdesign, the site is a web application totally designed to fulfill your goals. Count on our web experience to exponentially increase your results.

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Every customer has a responsible specialist.

You will be attended by the specialist who takes care of your campaign, whether by Whatsapp, email, phone call or in meetings. In this way, we avoid communication noise and guarantee agility in the result. Call us to receive help and ask your questions through WhatsApp

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Who walks with us, confirms the results

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