Professional Website Creation Prices (How Much Does It Cost)

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When we talk about creating sites the internet is divided into two large audiences, the first more voluminous is for the creation of free websites, platforms for creating websites and tutorials that can help people to create their own website, the second are people and companies in search of a reliable company, professional journey and who has fair value in relation to what they deliver to the customer.

In this article you will see: 

  • A Serious and Professional Company
  • Professional Web Design
  • Main features
  • Process to Develop 
  • More than a Hosting
  • Amazon Professional Infrastructure
  • How Much Does a Professional Website Cost?
  • GBM clients
  • Summary

A Serious and Professional Company

Regardless of a company's field of activity, it is important that it is serious and professional to be able to deliver a quality service or product, so when I think of a professional website building company, I believe delivery is impossible if it is not professional.

To convey the perception of seriousness and professionalism, here at eco web design We have a series of efforts:

  • Waiters We value high quality service, speed of service, technical knowledge, transparency in all our sectors. 
  • Qualification: We have specific professionals in each sector, avoiding generic knowledge as much as possible and valuing specific and specialized knowledge. 
  • Processes: we are fans of Marcus Lemonis who always talks about the 3 Ps, People, Processes, Product, I am particularly passionate about processes, within Eco we have processes for the financial sector, support, commercial, development, publishing, Ads, internship training , follow-up meetings, monthly meeting. 
  • Experience: we have more than twelve years of hard work, projects, mistakes, and learning, we have a lot of confidence in our service and technical knowledge. 
  • Physical Infrastructure: We have a large space with equipment and air conditioning to provide a productive and pleasant environment. 
  • Digital Infrastructure: All our projects are developed on a platform that we developed, a digital experience platform called Interago, located on AWS (Amazon Web Services), to provide the best performance for our websites. 

All our efforts are to provide the best service to our customers and deliver great service and results, so we measure our success by the feedback from our customers. We have routines to collect feedback from all stages of our processes, commercial, financial, website production, Google Ads service and support. 

Imagem Professional website creation company 5 stars in Google
Eco Webdesign's customer rating on Google

We are happy with the digital feedbacks and those captured in person, but never satisfied, we have an obsession with the quality of service, very influenced by one of the companies we most admire in the market, Amazon. We are always studying our audience, collecting information and seeking to improve to always better serve our customers. 

Professional Web Design

Image Professional Webdesign

Our team is specialist in offering a work of custom web design and individual for each company, following the most current pillars of UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience) and SEO parameters. The objective is to go against the grain of mass and trivial design. We are a creative boutique, a very widespread concept in the United States. 

It all starts with a blank sheet, we don't use pre-made templates, we use modern design tools. We design your project the way you want it, along with what your audience needs. Our baggage has more than a decade of daily studies, and your project will benefit from this legacy to generate an impactful and modern experience for your visitors. 

After approval of the prototype, it's time to bring the project to life. At this stage we have a great differential, our Digital Experience Platform I interact. In it, we carry out the coding of a project with manageable content and ready to integrate with the best digital marketing tools on the market, including Google Ads which we are official partners. The end of the project is the beginning of a beautiful website that receives contacts and sends a monthly summary of visits to your WhatsApp.

Main Features of Professional Websites 

serious investment 

Projects start at R$3.500,00. The final value depends on defining the structure and complexity of the layout. we have the best cost benefit of the market and better processes and tools.

Transparent Term

A commission for an artist cannot have a tight deadline. The creative process is severely penalized under pressure. We promise real deadlines for serious projects, for example: websites worth R$ 6.000,00 have an average development period of 40 days and will start after delivery of all content and on the scheduled date.

Professional SEO

Have everything Google recommends on your institutional pages, products, services and publications. we are specialized in SEO and we will further enhance your custom website.

Digital Design Boutique

A genuine passion for design. We constantly study to bring the best effects and provide the best experience for your audience. After a lot of work, we deliver the complex materialization of your idea in the format of a great experience for the visitor.

Professional Development Process

Negotiation: We hold a meeting to understand your needs. Subsequently, we inform you in detail your need for one of our project managers to make the budget and, finally, communicate accurately the values, deadlines and start date of the project.

Content capture: We start capturing content within 2 days after the project start date. It is extremely important to know your company and objectives well for the beginning of the design (site layout), since it depends on the total delivery of the content.

Design and Layout: It takes approximately 20 days (average for last year's projects) to process the collected information, study your market, audience and create a unique layout.The layout is delivered in professional software exclusively for website layouts, where it is possible to make notes and marks on the layout itself.

Approval: Similar to an architectural project, you can request how many changes you want. There is no additional cost for changes. This step does not have a deadline, as it depends on the speed of response at each iteration (new layout display). After the layout is approved, the coding begins.

Codification: It is common for this stage to also take approximately 20 days (average of projects in the last year). The encoding is viewable online and meets Google's strict criteria. Changes in this step are charged, as they were not previously informed during layout creation.

Reports: After publishing the site we configure our measurement tools. You will receive monthly summaries via Whatsapp to help you and your team understand visitor behavior. In addition, we also install Google Analytics and Google Search Console through Google Tag Manager. Here the process ends and the results begin.

Professional Image Design and custom layout creation

More than hosting, we offer a platform dedicated to high performance on Google to generate business opportunities

The development of a website is one of the steps for the delivery of the website creation service, when we talk about a professional website, an impeccable performance is expected, and to be able to bring this performance we had to leave the compliance zone and create our own CMS, or better, our own Digital Experience Platform - DXP Digital Experience Platform - called Interago. 

We use all our expertise in developing web systems, along with advanced studies in the ecosystem of Google and we created Interago, with the objective of providing a professional and efficient infrastructure for high performance of the sites both in searches of the Google as in the experience of users when they browse the sites made in Interago. 

Interago features and functionality that will help you sell more: 

Imagem Platform for Creating Professional Websites - Interago

Creating fully editable pages: One of the main features of Interago. All content is editable from code to advanced features. It is very practical to change sites, links and perform bulk updates.

Folders to control your media: Organize images, texts, documents and videos in folders. Images are optimized on our CDN automatically.

Automatic optimizations and CDN: We use Amazon's worldwide network and our application generates optimized files automatically. Just worry about the content.

Content Blocks: We provide blocks of text, code, images, carousels, among many others. The blocks are reusable and have facilitators to develop the site faster.

VSCode Editor: Every code edit in Interago uses the same editor as the VSCode project. Most of our customers edit websites and scripts directly in their browser.

Automatic drafts and page versions: Every code edition of the platform has automatic backup of each saved change and version control. Work safely and return old versions with one click.

Update history per person: Every published page has a detailed update history and who updated it. You can also use the editor to compare codes. Find out who made and what was made in each version.

Extensions: Bring your website to life using content management and optimization extensions. Write articles, control advanced SEO and operate product catalogs with just a few clicks.

Visit Reports: We automatically record important information about browsing and send a monthly summary via Whatsapp at no additional cost.

Advanced SEO: We care a lot about having our customers on the first page of Google. The SEO Extension allows you to edit dozens of tags automatically to avoid rework and have a very high level of competitiveness.

Editor for publishers (Blog): We have a champion blog focusing on advanced SEO and making it easy for writers to publish up to dozens of stories a day, including the AMP version for all publications. Have a true writing team that doesn't have to worry about the site, just the articles.

Cached pages compiler: We have a powerful processor that rewrites up to hundreds of pages in less than 1 minute. Have your website updated intelligently and with compressed files.

Team work: You may have multiple users operating on your site and see changes from the Eco Webdesign team as well. Track changes and easily see the extract of all activities performed on your sites.

File transference: We have an automated system to send your site to production and manage dependencies. Don't worry about links, cookies and more, so you can focus on campaigns and results.

Audience - Control of incoming contacts: We securely store all contacts received by the site. So you can export them to our CRM or another tool to operate them.

Script: Have the autonomy to code in PHP and JS directly in production according to our usage policies. Transform your site into advanced web applications directly from the platform.

Product Catalog: Add products, services or restaurant menu in an easy and organized way. Via the dashboard it is easy to change and publish up to thousands of links.

Professional infrastructure for BRL 50,00 Monthly 

Image Amazon Professional Infrastructure for Professional Websites
Infrastructure at Amazon Web Services

We use Amazon AWS - the same professional infrastructure of giant companies such as the Amazon Store, Netflix and Disney Plus - with the aim of offering the best infrastructure in the world for your website at an affordable price, the stability of the service is of  99,97% of time, this means that there can be a service interruption for a maximum of only 2 hours per year. All guaranteed by the giant Amazon.

We manage Interago's infrastructure thinking about websites that grow and can dedicate themselves to the business instead of spending on servers and hosting. Our packages are simplified into blocks of R$50 and you'll pay more just as you use more resources and you're growing.

Your website is backed up daily on the server. All changes on the site can be consulted and retrieved with a few clicks. Your leads are stored in an encrypted form in accordance with the GDPR. Thus ensuring all the security and privacy necessary for your business to grow. 

How much does a professional website cost

There is a short answer and a long answer, I will give you both. 

Quickly how much does a professional website cost

Based on the last 30 projects we've done (2022), the average value of professional website stayed in R$ 4.724,96. The cheapest site was worth BRL 3.443,75 and the site with the highest value was BRL 11.880,00. We divide our projects into six interest-free installments. 

Deep dive into the value of a professional website

Above was the short answer, let's go to the long one. All our projects are priced according to basically two facts:

  • site structure, or number of pages it will have, we will identify all the pages and what will be inside each one of them in order to understand the coding demand of the pages. Very similar to civil construction, if you don't know how many bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, if you will have a swimming pool, garage, it will be difficult to find out the amount that will be needed to build. 
  • Design, we ask for one or two visual references, a site that the customer likes or feels good about, or sites from competitors, suppliers or partners. This way we will have a north of what the client expects for his website and with that we will identify the level of complexity of the visual resources. Still in the example of civil construction, if the architecture of the house is for a popular neighborhood or if it is for a high-end condominium, there is an aesthetic and cost difference. 

We operate in several segments, below are some professional website values by following: 

  • News portal or Blog: BRL 4.152,50
  • List of products (Catalog): BRL 4.400,00
  • Simple institutional with 5 pages: BRL 3.987,50
  • Lawyer: BRL 4.301,00
  • Law Firm: BRL 5.665,00
  • Builder: BRL 5.307,50
  • Incorporator: BRL 7.287,50
  • Civil Engineering: BRL 4.207,50
  • Luxury Branch: BRL 9.570,00
  • Hostels: BRL 5.527,50
  • Worpress Migration: BRL 4.565,00
  • Industry: BRL 3.932,50
  • Clinics: BRL 5.987,50
  • Doctor: BRL 4.262,50
  • Service providers: BRL 4.015,00

All values ​​were based on a simulation of structure and complexity in our budget for professional websites

If you want to know the value of your website, just call us, we will be delighted to assist you. You will have your quote in 15 minutes. 

I want a Custom Quote

A Reflection on Investing in a Professional Website 

Imagem How Much Does a Professional Website Cost?
Price of a Professional Website

I understand the discomfort of investing a significant amount in a Professional Website, a reflection on long-term investment in the context of Websites is that the greater the amount invested in the site, the greater the return and the better the performance for the proposed objective. Assuming that the quotation is being made with a reputable, serious and professional company, to eliminate any type of surcharge suspicion on the value of the site.

The items that affect the value of the site are the number of pages (i) and complexity of the layout (ii).

  • (i) If the site has many pages, the additional value for high volume is related to a more voluminous work to execute the creation, but with that it brings many benefits, appear more often and better positioned in Google's organic searches, more pages have more chances to positively impact various profiles of your target audience.
  • (ii) The more complex design, on the other hand, brings greater investment, as it will require a more in-depth study of effects and a longer execution time of the visual functions, but it will bring a greater experience to your visitors, a greater perception of brand value, a greater perception of credibility, greater respect, facilitates the conversion of a visitor to a prospect, or lead. 

After you find a reliable professional company, the only thing that needs to be evaluated is what budget you are willing to make available for the creation of your professional website today, because your return will be proportional to this value. We recommend that you have an annual budget, so you can always reinvest in the site, whether it's adding new content, updating the layout for its new market positioning, or simply maintaining current site technology for user experience and good customer service. indexing your pages on Google

When we talk about the value of a service, I see that there are two journeys, the first is when the person seeks the Lowest price, usually this person has never hired a website before, that is, it is their first time and therefore evaluates the service only by the value. The second journey is when the person searches for the ideal solution to solve your problem, in this case the value is secondary and the main objective is to find the correct supplier or suppliers and when they find it, the understanding of the value begins and if in their perception it is fair or not. We have a lot of experience in the market, we quote sites dozens of times a week and therefore I can say with great confidence, we will have a very quick understanding of your needs and offer you the Professional Website that will best fit what you need and not exactly what you are looking for. If our solution is not exactly what you need, we will humbly direct you to another supplier and thank you for your time and contact. 

Some of our Professional Custom Website clients

Our work is in the development of professional websites, regardless of the client's geological position or nationality. We have clients all over Brazil and several Brazilians around the world, we can work with websites in any language, we currently have websites in addition to Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. Below I will show some of our customers. 

Imagem Professional Website - Lundgaard Jensen - Law Firm Internacional-min
Lundgaard Jensen - International Law Firm
Imagem Professional Website - 52nd World Military Naval Pentathlon Championship - CISM Word Military Naval Pentathlon Campionship - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2022-min
52nd World Military Naval Pentathlon Championship - CISM Word Military Naval Pentathlon Campionship - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2022
Imagem Professional Website - Geomaq Group - 7 sites - 25 units, 1 CD in USA, 1 office in Asia.-min
Geomaq Group - 7 sites - 25 units, 1 DC in USA, 1 office in Asia.
Imagem Professional Website - CEFTEM - Center for Studies and Training in Musical Theater Largest musical theater school in Rio de Janeiro Cláudia Raia is the min-ambassador
CEFTEM - Center for Studies and Training in Musical Theater - The largest musical theater school in Rio de Janeiro, Cláudia Raia is the ambassador. 
Imagem Professional Website - La Villa Group Jericoacoara - Luxury Resort in Ceará, has hosted celebrities like Alok.-min
La Villa Group Jericoacoara - Luxury Resort in Ceará, has hosted celebrities like Alok.
Imagem Professional Website - Thermas Acqualinda - One of the biggest investors in Brazil and Latin America-min
Thermas Acqualinda - One of the biggest investors in Brazil and Latin America.
Imagem Professional Website - Poytara - Food supplier for ornamental fish-min
Poytara - Supplier of ornamental fish food 
Imagem Professional Website - Rede Sertanejo Gas Station - 4 stations, 2 TRR-min
Rede Sertanejo Gas Station - 4 stations, 2 TRR
Imagem Professional Website - Unicos Construtora e Urbanismo-min
Unicos Construction and Urbanism

Above some of our customers and below is the link to the full list of active customers. 

Summary for Hiring a Professional Website Design Company

I understand that to provide a Professional Website service it is necessary to be a serious and reputable company, having validated the supplier, it is important to understand the creation process of the design and knowing which platform and infrastructure the site will be allocated to, finally, hearing from the mouth of the supplier's customer how the experience was and looking at some outstanding cases, this can be a good guide to find a serious company for website creation professional. 

Finally, I hope to have helped you to mature your idea of ​​what would be a Professional Website and have provided you with sufficient information to understand that the eco web design It is one of Best Professional Website Providers in Brazil

Whatever your business needs, but not necessarily what you know, we're here to help. 

Eco Webdesign Customer Testimonial

Taken from Google Company Profile

"Attentive professionals. I've done 2 jobs with them. Fair price and well-executed service. I recommend!!!"

Image Testimonial services Eco Webdesign 3

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