How do the prices on Interago.

Customers pay for 2 services:

Platform usage: With a modern on-demand monthly payment format, the cost of your infrastructure increases proportionally with the use of resources: receiving visits; disk usage; page designs.

Webdesign and Campaign Management: We work with a call center that is ready to solve all your demands. Our specializations are: professional website; positioning on Google; Campaigns in Google Ads. These services are provided by Eco Webdesign using Interago.

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Understand your monthly infrastructure cost on Interago. Start by paying only R$ 35 per month and pay more only if you need

  1. disk image 1GB of disk space Every website by default has 1GB for files such as images, videos and documents. These files are in tights within Interago and in some very specific situations, directly in the files via FTP.
    For each 1GB package, R$35 is added to the monthly payment.
  2. visitors image20 thousand monthly visits Here at Interago your site is in a very high performance availability network. For example, our Brazilian websites are accessed in São Paulo on the Amazon network in a compressed form. This network has a high operating cost, which is why we account for R$35,00 for every 20 visits*
    * Customers who have high performance pages in the top positions of Google are charged according to the number of results and this value of 20 thousand may be different.
  3. page image100 static pages Static pages are all pages compiled with HTML, CSS and JS. At Interago we save up to dozens of versions of each page so you never miss a page or previous version. Each static page is optimally compiled and compressed to increase site speed. Customers pay R$35 for each 100-page package.
  4. news image 200 news Customers who generate automatic pages when writing articles or news pay for packages of 200 news. Each news has its AMP version, category, homepage, sitemap, among other advanced features. The rate is under written and published article. The 200 news packages cost R$35 per month.
  5. product image 300 products Interago's optimized catalog for products and services automatically creates links to storefronts, searches, sitemaps, Merchant Center Feeds, bulk administration via Excel and many other features. Customers pay R$35 monthly for each package with up to 300 products.
  6. support image Support Our support is available via WhatsApp and email. All active customers with monthly fees starting at R$35 can use support normally.
  7. report image Monthly reports Customer can receive monthly report in up to 10 email accounts and lead notifications in up to 5 emails. The report via WhatsApp message is exclusive to 1 phone per website. Additional needs are assessed on demand.
  8. peak image Peaks Customers are not billed for peaks. For example, a website had 50.000 hits in 6 hours and its annual average is 5.000 hits/month. The customer will not be charged in this situation.
  9. 💰 The more you grow, the more you save Customers benefit from an automatic 1,5% discount for every R$500,00 spent on the platform's monthly fee. The discount can reach up to 22,5%. Values ​​above R$15.000,00 have special negotiation.
  10. Website and campaign changes Every demand requested by support that generates operational costs is sent to the customer with price and final deadline for approval.
  11. Other services Our commitment is with the quality and results that the client has through our services, so as a company specializing in web solutions, we have complete transparency in providing information about the possibility of execution, deadline and price of any type of service. It is necessary to send the demands for evaluation.
  12. Billing example There is no charge without consent.
    A client has an institutional website with 80 pages, 500 news items and a catalog with 800 products and services. On average it receives 30 visits per month and uses 3G of media space. The cost of the structure of this project is R$280 per month.

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