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Creation of a website to receive messages via Whatsapp | Best Price | Great Results

Whatsapp is currently the most used messaging tool by Brazilians. It is essential that the website is correctly connected to enable conversations via Whatsapp.

By joining the website to Whatsapp, the company benefits both from Google searches to receive contacts, and from Whatsapp to chat with leads. In Interago, our control panel, it is possible to easily measure and manage the contacts that go to Whatsapp.

The website, as in all situations, needs to have Google positioning quality, apply the most modern loading techniques (less than 2,5s even on 3G mobile phones) and navigability (according to Google WebVitals). The difference with this website is the way it bridges the gap between the website and Whatsapp, storing contacts, correctly sending messages, quotes or orders. For example, on Interago you can see which pages on your website generate the most conversations via Whatsapp.

Main advantages:

• The best of both worlds: better positions on Google to receive more contacts and chat with leads in the most popular messaging tool in Brazil, Whatsapp;

• The Whatsapp API is very consistent, it is more common to lose contacts by email than by Whatsapp, in addition, WhatsApp is checked more often than email, making it a more assertive vehicle. Most people prefer Whatsapp service to email;

• All the benefits of the website, such as increased brand credibility, company exposure with web navigation and interactivity. It is common for people to choose a company with a great website over a company that does not or has a bad website;

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