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Creation of Landing Page to promote product or service

The term landing page refers to a specific type of website, which normally has only 1 link (it can also be called a one page) and when browsing, the visitor understands the content and is invited to perform an action, which can be purchase, send contact, make a subscription, among others.

The term landing page became popular due to the specificity of meeting the objective of being the entrance page on the website after an advertisement. For example: after seeing an ad by QR Code, Google search, banner in an application or another, the visitor accesses the landing page, literally translated to "page that the visitor lands on the website".

It is essential that the landing page to promote a product or service has content fully aligned with the subject of the ad, since it is what the visitor clicked on and wants to find, as well as following the most modern web standards to capture contacts, sell and upload fast on slow connections.

Main advantages:

• The landing page has the advantage of knowing its visitors, since it is the destination of campaigns or shares, this allows dealing with specific subjects and offers more accurately;

• It is common for each subject to use a different landing page. When dealing, for example, with 15 subjects, 15 landing pages are used. Working exclusively on each subject makes it easier to measure results and optimize advertising campaigns;

• It is much simpler to optimize a landing page than to think about a whole tree of links on an institutional website, the lack of navigability between links has the advantage of being easier to maintain;

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