Generate more sales and resales by gaining customer loyalty engajamento of email marketing.

Add native signup forms to your website to create segmented lists and trigger high-performance A/B testing for your customers.

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native forms

Native Forms and responsive with technology anti-spam integrated and protection for its customers in accordance with the GDPR *
* General Data Protection Law

Event tracking

Openings and Clicks: carry out complete monitoring of each shot with secure and unstable technologies from Amazon AWS SES and SNS integrated

A/B testing in email marketing

Use on all shots A/B headline testing to ensure your customers receivethe best title. Send different titles to percentage whatever you want

Complete event tracking

Customized of user behavior by campaign and segments lets you extract rich data to help you map your audience to offer better solutions

Enhance your website or online store with a set of tools for CRM and email marketing that will be the difference for your customers get to know your company more. Collect data to serve them better and in a way Custom.

Understand what the mass email blasts.

1. ✍🏼 Quick content editing

Edit titles and content securely in our responsive templates. You can add text, images, and article links with automatic preview collection.

2. 📋 Contact management by segmentation

Choose the contacts who will receive the email by segmentation or tags. It is practical and easy to send separate emails for each contact segmentation.

3. 🖌️ Choosing the email template and web version

In addition to the content, it is possible to perform advanced editing (optional) directly on the source code to further raise the limits of quality and performance

4. 📨 A/B testing and scheduling

Separate the % of contacts to test your title and schedule the shots for the moments of best performance.

Talk to a seller and if surprise

Contact Us to answer questions and learn more about products and services related to creating websites that can transform your business.

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Result guaranteed by serious work quality commitment with your brand.

Our work can be summarized in 3 very simple sentences.

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We understand your audience to create the best engagement plan

We combine the work of CRM (customer relationship management), translated into Customer Relationship Management, with the work of sending emails as both relate to the serious task of communicating effectively with your customer to generate engagement, new sales and resales. This study is converted into the development of specific communication for your audience through templates and forms with high adoption rates.

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We organize contact segmentation and install forms

There are several ways to organize your contacts, from Prospecting, Customers, Partners to those who purchase a specific service or even are a lover and open practically all of your emails. With the appropriate segmentation strategy, it is possible to create specific forms for each page to collect contacts already separated by interests.

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We started shooting and mapping the results obtained

The shots have mapped link resources and also a web version that can be used and shared. Engagement with the public can be used to generate new lists based on opening and clicking behavior, in addition to allowing us to better understand who the customers are interested in which type of product. In addition to supplying lists via forms, it is also possible to import new contacts via spreadsheets directly into each segmentation.

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Elevate the relationship with your customers to a next level.

Our CRM and e-mail Marketing solutions were designed to serve our high-performance and exclusive design websites. The same website quality extends to our clients' email marketing efforts. Meet the specific needs of institutional websites, publication portals or e-commerce with the best on the market.

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ebooks to download

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How the web can transform your business

See an overview of the web and opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

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25 advantages of Interago as your website panel

Practicality, speed and more results. See why Interago is the ideal panel for your company.

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