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Website design with advanced SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves content planning, production and programming techniques so that the website, when read by search engine robots, is well interpreted and evaluated, thus ensuring better positions. in relation to the competition.

Building a website with advanced SEO involves studying the target audience, how they perform the searches and what they expect as answers, coding according to Web Vitals strictly following the prescriptions of the Google Search Console tool and Google documentation at , in addition to other techniques from more than a decade of experience in the field of Eco Webdesign.

The SEO-enhanced website usually has multiple pages, sometimes thousands. Having more pages ensures that the site covers more subjects, develops authority and participates in more different searches (since it has many more terms). A landing page can have advanced SEO, however, the multi-page website can be considered as tens, hundreds or even thousands of landing pages with advanced SEO.

Main advantages:

• Have more visits without the need for paid advertising, by being in the best positions of Google searches or similar;

• The contents are addressed in a deeper and more comprehensive way, as the site is larger, thus, visitors can be more navigable and, in general, it expresses a feeling of robustness for the company;

• We raise the important terms for your company when we produce the content, having these searches allows you to better understand how your target audience performs searches to offer exactly what they need;

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