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Website creation for publishing articles focused on Google

The website creation project for the publication of articles focused on Google is based on the maximum use of the content by using the most modern SEO techniques and publishing tools, in general, thus generating relevant links with technical and of user experience.

This type of website has peculiarities that need to be met to fulfill its objective, such as providing flexibility in managing programmatic media, technologies such as AMP and news-specific sitemaps, as well as a friendly environment for the newsroom to work without technical impasses.

It is essential that this project has security and high performance, since Google requires, for example, that the news load instantly on cell phones and always be available, in addition to meeting the modern standards of the LGPD and backup routines, among other routines to maintain stable, scalable and secure environment.

Main advantages:

• Benefits of receiving visits from Google Search, Discover and News, thus promoting the website's notoriety and authority, multiplying views;

• Management of content, subjects, authors and editor-in-chief in a stable digital environment optimized for the newsroom;

• Flexibility and control to manage programmatic media from different sources, as well as integration with news feeds and scripts in general;

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