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Website creation as a News Portal

The website, by nature, is a document that contains pages with texts, images and more resources intrinsic to the website, such as interactivity, videos and, mainly, navigation links. For this reason, the creation of a website as a news portal is one of the most advanced websites that fulfill their objective of organizing, controlling and communicating content with excellence.

A news portal is constantly evolving, there are always new tools and ways to display or interact with content, so it is a website with routines of content updates and constant techniques. To keep up with this constant evolution, we have our Interago platform to ensure that the writing team and visitors always have the best in the business.

As it is a competitive field, we focus on features for the news portal that are great differentials, such as: Specific sitemaps with news requirements; link to Google News, structured data for Google Discover, auto-generated AMP pages, news caching, updates and 1-click posts.

Main advantages:

• Professional writing island for editors with article control and editor-in-chief;

• Detailed control of visits to measure and make decisions based on the performance of each item, specifically;

• Management of articles, authors and subjects in an optimized environment that respects the time of each collaborator of the team, where those responsible can focus on the content instead of spending time with technical delays;

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