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The Google Ads consultancy aims to add to the strategy and execution to help the client. We analyzed 4 main items in the Google Ads campaign:

1. Purpose of the company: What the company expects with the accomplishment of the company and, mainly, where it wants to go. It is essential to define a clear and quantitative objective;
2. Market Benchmark: We study the competition in the segment internally in Google Ads tools to understand searches and auctions;
3. Ads and Campaign Types: We evaluate the quality of ads, use of advanced features and opportunities for different campaign settings and types;
4. Website experience: Evaluation and quality of the website receiving visits, its conversion power and measurement based on the goal.

Google Ads consulting is included in the campaign management and a minimum quarterly work is required for data collection and important conclusions.

We are experts in Search, Display and Shopping campaigns for new audiences and remarketing.

Main advantages:

• Understand the role of Google Ads in the company and empirically understand its effectiveness;

• Execute a more structured campaign based on market and website analysis;

• Get optimized results from the tool given our specialization from individuals to the organization that has a monthly commitment to fulfill the requirements of Google Partners;

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