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CRM and Mail Marketing

CRM and Mail Marketing work seeks to combine various CMS and Web design functionalities with marketing and engagement techniques to carry out sales, resales and explore opportunities for brands and contacts in general.

Here at Eco Webdesign we use the Interago platform, which we maintain, to offer our clients the best in web design and generation of engagement through contact lists. See some advantages of this work:

1) Our registration form is fully compatible with the website and its design, as we do not need third-party tools to collect new contacts;

2) All contact lists are segmented from collection, contact control is completely secure and in accordance with the General Data Protection Law;

3) We use customized templates that are fully editable from the code to ensure a rich and responsive experience for each business segment;

4) For each shot it is possible to add unique and easily editable content, including the insertion of article links where the capture of the title, image and description is automatic;

5) Every shot has A/B testing of titles with the percentage you want to ensure that the best-performing title will always be sent to the majority of contacts;

6) Reports allow you to understand customer behavior on the website and also in relation to direct mail. We rely on Amazon AWS SNS services to track each opening and click made.

We also use strict anti-spam policies and suppression lists so that your website does not have problems sending contacts. Furthermore, we offer options with our own SMTP or you can also use your Amazon AWS account to carry out the messages.

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