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Advertise business on Google Search

To advertise the company in Google search, basically two requirements are needed, which are:

1. Have a website: The ads, upon receiving the click, need to direct the visitor to the advertiser's environment and the website is used for this purpose. This page that receives the visitor coming from an ad has a specific name, it is called a landing page, where its objective is to talk more about the content of the ad in order to convince the visitor to perform an action such as sending your contact, making a budget , buy or even register;

2. Add budget in credits: The budget in credits is added strategically with a series of settings for the campaign to achieve its goals. These settings cover display times, topics covered, ad content, and more. It is important that this configuration is carried out by a specialist for the campaign to achieve its objectives, such as Eco Webdesign, which has an updated Google Partners seal (the updated seal with a link ensures that the company meets the requirements for a partnership with Google). With the ok settings, you start to spend the credits progressively according to the clicks that the ads receive;

It is very important that the advertising company establishes with the company that takes care of its campaign clear objectives to correctly measure the ROI, the English return of investment, it is the calculation performed to see if the campaign generates profits for the company. Our experts are on hand to explain more about advertising business on Google search to answer all your questions.

Main advantages:

• Ads start to be displayed and your site receives visits as soon as the campaign starts;

• It is possible to target your ads to specific subjects and audiences, generating more results;

• Month-to-month performance summary to understand the campaign, draw conclusions and perform optimizations;

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