For just R$35 per month you can use the Interact for your company and begins a new phase of conquests with the internet

Interago is a Digital Experience Platform with the best tools for your website to stand out on the internet for Lowest price from the market. The benefits of choosing Interago are numerous, here are the top 5:

I interact for companies Interago mobile for your company
Stay on top of Google with Interago Interago puts your business on Google

More than hosting, we offer a platform dedicated to high performance in Google to generate business opportunities.

Our customers have more visits and, mainly, visits interested in what they offer because the site is designed from the server to the interface to stay ahead on Google.

We have PAIG's: An acronym for high impact pages on Google, these are prototyped pages on Interago to meet the main search terms of their customers.

Everything your business needs but doesn't necessarily know: We have advanced SEO that creates thousands of lines on your website, local loading (São Paulo for Brazilian sites), AMP pages for news, sitemaps, Webvitals features and much more. Your Google competition with Interago is what your company needs to sell more.

100% of the time online. 100% of the time fast*.

No technical concerns, slowness and much less crash: We use Amazon AWS (the same infrastructure as companies like Amazon Store, Netflix and Disney +) to provide the best infrastructure in the world for your company. Full speed with 100%* time stability.

Best cost-effective application as a web service: We manage Interago's infrastructure thinking about websites that grow and can be dedicated to the business instead of spending on servers and hosting. Our packages are simplified into R$35 blocks and you'll pay more just as you use more resources and grow.

Security and privacy: Your website is backed up daily on the server. All changes on the site can be consulted and retrieved with a few clicks. Your leads are stored in an encrypted form in accordance with the GDPR.

* leased to the last semester of 2021 with 99,97% availability, that is, only 2 hours of maximum interruption per year.

AWS and Interago
Leads by Whatsapp and Email Grow with Interago

generate leads by Whatsapp and email and manage them securely

We need to surprise your website visitors and encourage them to contact your company to purchase what you offer.

The best tools for capturing leads:We work with Whatsapp button codes, forms, chatbots and other lead capture components that are updated daily to work perfectly and have the highest chance of click and fill that the market can offer.

Your contact base with easy access: The leads generated on your website can be exported by Excel, consulted directly in Interago or also managed by our CRM tool.

Panel complete with the functions you need and much easier than using Wordpress

We offer full control of HTML, CSS and JS for static pages and JS and PHP for scripts without losing the convenience of tools that allow you to update up to hundreds of pages with just a few clicks. You don't have to waste many hours with Wordpress or another CMS that is not specifically designed for the practicality that your company needs.

Visual editor: We have specific areas for writers who can easily write the story without worrying about codes, as well as being responsible for changing texts, images and videos on the website or even managing product catalogs.

Edit code if needed: The site's source code is open. PHP scripts too, edit what you need. Whenever you save a code a backup is created automatically and you can retrieve it or compare it with other versions at any time.

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Interago whatsapp support whatsapp for business

Support by Whatsapp exclusive to customers

We provide 2 exclusive channels for customers:

Whatsapp support with multiple attendants: Our support responds within 15 minutes during business hours to answer questions, schedule work orders and make simple changes. This channel is open for all customers to send messages, videos, photos and audio.

Interago Bot: All our service is human, but we have the Interago bot that sends messages to your Whatsapp about important events on your website, for example, how many results you had per month. You can chat with the robot if you want ;)

Talk to a seller and if surprise

Contact to answer questions and learn more about products and services related to creating websites that can transform your business.

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Still with doubts?.

Contact our team now to speak in the financial sector and answer your questions about payments

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e-book image how the web can transform your business

How the web can transform your business

In this E-book with a simple language and focused on the entrepreneur you will learn about many opportunities and new ways where the web can present significant improvements in your company

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