Evergreen Content: What it is, how to create it and its importance for marketing and companies

Evergreen or evergreen content is synonymous with consistent access over a long period of time and authority for the website. Understand your role in marketing and benefits for the company.

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Table of Contents

1. 🌳 What is Evergreen Content

2. 🌱 How to create Evergreen content

3. 🔗 Relationship between content - Topic Cluster

4. 🔍 How to find Keywords

5. 🏆 Relationship of Evergreen content and website authority

6. 🎯 Importance for marketing and business

7. 🤖 Use of AI and Evergreen content

8. Conclusion

1 of 8: 🌳 What is Evergreen Content 

We can translate evergreen as "always green" in reference to trees that remain green and leafy for years. This translation perfectly corresponds to the meaning of this term, as the evergreen content is the one who has relevance same over time (also known as evergreen or timeless content), that is, it is always green.

It is estimated, based on AI definitions of marketing content (gemini.google.com) in general, that approximately 60% of website content in general is evergreen and this number can reach 20% for news sites, where there is a lot of content based on events, news and facts. Even though these data not are exact, the important thing is that the content evergreen is present on all websites and it is evident that in several, it is the most of the content.

It is important to understand that Evergreen content focuses on SEO (search engine optimization). So your target is to provide the visitor or user with content that changes little over time on a given subject to receive survey visits for a long period of time.

Image Floresta_amazonica_sinonimo_evergreen
Evergreen content refers to a forest, as the trees are always green. Image credits: vecstock on Freepik.com

Just as plants and trees need nutrition, sun and rain periodically, evergreen content cannot be synonymous with forgotten or abandoned text. On the contrary, it needs to be updated with news or changes on its respective subject. 

For example, the text "How running can improve our lives" is time-independent and can be updated sporadically at long intervals with new research and experts on the subject - this is an example of evergreen content.

Another example would be "Discover the history of São Paulo's Independence Park". As all content is in the past, unless there is some discovery about it, no changes are necessary - this is another example of evergreen content, however, it is necessary for its author to be creative and add their perspective in an original way so as not to be just a duplicate content referring to competitors.

At differentiate evergreen content from others, we can give an example with a specific television event, for example a text about "Davi wins BBB 24" talking about the final of the program is a hard news article, that is, it will have a peak in hits in the last 48 hours and then drop, while an article "See the BBB Champions: Current is Davi from BBB 24" is an evergreen article that has search volume all year round and that may have other peaks at other times (for example, next year the BBB theme heats up and people want to remember the previous winner).

Finally, to exemplify content that needs updating, we can mention "See how to check your car before traveling". There are small changes in vehicles from time to time, but lately electric cars have been growing in sales, so it is interesting to update this evergreen content with the specifics of each vehicle to ensure that all users will be well served by the content.

hardnews_evergreen image
Example of predicting organic hits on successful hardnews and evergreen articles. Google itself delivers content differently in specialized services

2 of 8: 🌱 How to create Evergreen content

The first step is to understand that the content needs to be timeless and this usually involves lists, explanations of how to do or solve a problem, tips, evaluations and explanations.

As we said in the introduction, the objective of Evergreen content is focused on searches, so we have to take 2 questions into consideration: 

☝🏻 How do people search for content?

✌ ???? Is there search volume for the content?

These questions show that just because the content is evergreen does not mean it will always have access, it can always remain without access because it has low volume (low demand) or has words and terms that are different from how people search.

O first step so it's understanding how people search through the content, adding the Keyword correct, as we will talk about below, while the search volume, second step, can be found in tools such as Google Trends.

Another important characteristic of evergreen is to avoid "superficiality" when describing a subject, so it is common for evergreen texts are large (like this one), as it needs to be in-depth in what is being discussed. 

Perhaps this item is obvious when reading, but it doesn't happen in many writing situations, which is to understand the subject and/or have experts' opinions on it. For example: If you are going to talk about volcanoes (and perhaps this is not your area) collect the point of view of professionals in the field to add authority to your matter, if you understand volcanoes, even better - add the opinion of other professionals and yours.

A last tip to create evergreen content is Don't get stuck just in texts. Think about original images and photos, if you are explaining a scheme or situation, use diagrams and artwork. Do not repeat images and photos unnecessarily. Remember that the The best situation is to have videos, then images and finally texts.

3 of 8: 🔗 Relationship between content - Topic Cluster

Just like a forest, Evergreen content needs to stay together to have the expected effect. This means that they need to be in what we call a Topic Cluster in English and which can be translated by topic cluster, in addition to internal links that link them coherently.

To facilitate the understanding of a topic cluster, it is important to understand an important and classic web component, the BreadCrumb. Breadcrumb is a navigation feature that allows the user to understand where they are, like navigating between folders on a computer. See the example:

Home / Products / Household Appliances · this is an example of a breadcrumb for an online store. You are looking at household appliances, in this case, the third and final item in this chain.

Thinking about breadcrumbs (or folders on the computer) forces us to organize the content and this is very important, as the organization classifies what is contained where and this is essential to unite the content into topics.

Breadcrumb image
The breadcrumb guides the user from more general content (clusters) to more specific ones (evergreen and specialized/niche)

In a practical example, let's think about a weight training gym that offers its own weight training and running classes. Let’s think about this first organization of the website:

Home / bodybuilding
Home/running classes

This way, we organize the content into 2 levels and if she offers "dance" soon, it will be easy to organize it. Focusing on running classes, we will create an environment to insert evergreen content, for example:

Home / running classes / timetables · page dedicated to race times
Home / running classes / plans · page designed to show the gym's plans for races

If we think we will have articles about running, the first reaction would be to create a chain like below:

❌ Home / running classes / articles / see running tips

However, this is terrible, as you are inserting tips in the context of "classes" and they are not directly related. It is important to emphasize the importance of this organization. The right thing to do is to think of another structure that allows you to be more objective about the subjects, for example:

Home / race / classes / schedules · for race times
Home / race / classes / plans · for race plans
Home / race / articles ·  to have the list of all articles
Ihome / running / articles / running tips · to have specific evergreen lists of tips
Home / Race / Articles / Race Locations · to have evergreen lists of locations
Home / race / articles / race today · to have hard news content about racing

This organization is essential so that the content is well indexed and it is also easy for the visitor to navigate between them. Think of a website with 100.000 articles, it's not good if they are disorganized.

Still on the example above, let's think that in all "Race today" articles we will talk about the places where the race takes place and we will then always link the articles from "Race today" to "Race Locations", uniting the articles . The organization with the internal links we call Topic Cluster, in this case, clusters "Race Locations" on a centralizing page and "Races today" on another, creating 2 topics and joining them through internal links. See a more practical example:

Start/race  · Race Topic Cluster with the most relevant content about classes, tips and locations;
Home / race / classes  · smaller cluster with relevant information about classes and links to more details;
Home / race / articles  · smaller cluster with lists of articles about running;
Home / Race / Articles / Race Locations  · smaller cluster with evergreen articles about the places where the races are held;
Home / running / articles / running tips  · smaller cluster with evergreen articles for general tips;
Home / race / articles / races today  · smaller cluster with daily updates (hard news) about racing;

And connectivity through links between articles:

Let's assume an article for a race that will take place today: 

Home / racing / articles / racing today / September 20, 2024  · 2k run on the beach for adults and children

There we will have internal links, for example:

Home / running / articles / running tips  · a link to the tips category;
Home / race / articles / race locations / camboriú - central beach  · a link to the location where the race will take place;
Home / race / classes / plans  · a lead capture link with information about plans to take classes;

In this way, we increase the authority of the "race" cluster by coherently uniting all content relevant to the subject with internal links.

Image link_building_example
Simple example of linkbuilding. the topics connect (red) and in each subtopic there are articles and pages (orange). Articles need to internally link to each other (blue) and bridge by sending to other topics (green).

4 of 8: 🔍 How to find keywords for evergreen content

To find good keywords for your evergreen content, you need to think about two points, specifically:

☝🏻 Think of your audience as a niche

To offer a pleasant experience for your audience, you need to know them and divide them according to the terms used to conduct searches. 

Think of a company that sells industrial parts for presses, the example below addresses the public's knowledge levels:

Audience with low knowledge: You will search for "machine parts", "spare parts", "press parts" - the searches are generalist as informative content is necessary to advance - at this stage the public has low technical qualifications or knowledge about the area;

Audience with average knowledge: This audience partially understands the specifications you are interested in of searches and perform more specific searches, such as: "parts for brand A machine", "parts for concave cap presses", cylinder for conical press", "parts for rotating press of brand B" - if you are not segment (like me), you've probably already been impacted by words you've never heard of - these are exactly the words that need to be found to reach this audience - the qualification of this public can now be considered niche.

Audience with high knowledge: This audience has master the subject and search are specific, direct e objective, for example: "press guide pin A123B12 of brand A", B1234-12 brand B", "press relief valve C" - the codes are fictitious, but serve to exemplify mastery of the area to carry out research - this is the most qualified and demanding public - normally, there are fewer searches in this format than the others.

✌🏻 Think about the purpose of your content: 

Your intentions and goals need to be clear, What is your purpose? Inform, sell, meet people, publicize or something else? Regardless of which, it is important to work on your purpose in terms of long tail. Still following the example of presses, see examples:

The use of prefixes "Budget and quotation" make it evident that your intention is generating leads to make the sale via customer service:

"Quote for press parts"

"Quotation for press parts"

The use of technical terms with character informative make it clear that the intention of their content is for if delve deeper into the area and your objective is probably to generate revenue with programmatic media (advertisements)

"Understand the diagram of a concave press"

"What is the difference between presses A and presses B"

"New model of press A from brand B - Find out everything"

Terms relating to purchase, discount, payment terms or the technical name of the product refer to E-commerce:

"Press A model B of brand C with dimensions DxExF and capacity for G kilos"

"Best price on press A from brand B - installments in 12 installments"

"Buy Press A - delivery in 15 days - financing in 36 installments"

As you can see, to find evergreen keywords it is essential to understand the audience and your proposal. Once you have this base, you can use tools such as Google search suggestions, SemRush, aHrefs, SimilarWeb, Google Trends and similar to collect suggestions and build your base.

5 of 8: 🏆 Relationship of Evergreen content and website authority

Google always seeks to offer the most authoritative content to its visitors for obvious reasons: the chances of the content being good are better. For example: is it more natural for you to believe an article published on UOL and G1 or in smaller blogs? Evidently, large portals have (and need to be clear) to have a commitment to the veracity of information for a series of issues. Likewise, big brands like Nike and Adidas will have more authority in sporting goods than others that are on a smaller scale.

There is a high chance that you know the brands I mentioned without having to do any research, however, is that why they have more authority in terms of SEO? No. See the reasons below:

Google has a guideline for search evaluators (one of those responsible for ranking) called EEAT, from English Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, can be translated as Experience, Specialty, Authority and Trustworthiness. This guideline includes these 5 factors, if you want To find out more about EEAT, we have a post with more details. Here we will focus on practical observation to production de authority in content evergreen and to understand it better, we will divide it into 3 itemss:

Image content_website

The content itself: The content needs to be original and answer the visitor’s questions. This means it cannot be copied from elsewhere, superficial and repetitive. In addition to the quality of the content itself, the author needs ownership, be it the technical team or specialist in the field.

Image repercussion_content

Repercussion and number of visits: Google evaluates your website in relation to the entire web, that is, the number of links to your website, comments on the social network, shares, reviews and direct access. It may seem ironic, but Google loves visits, normally sites with more visits tend to receive even more depending on search volumes and quality standards. It is also important to emphasize once again that the role of the author has never been so important, be it a person or the company itself, for example: evergreen content from a neuroscience specialist and doctor in data sciences (with web links to his training , articles and good reviews) will have more authority than the same article written by an enthusiast in the field.

Image performance_website

Technical quality of the website: There's no point in the content being great if the website takes about 10 seconds to load on 3G connections or doesn't have a security certificate. It also can't be confusing to navigate and with "seemingly broken" content. To enhance the content, the website needs to be impeccable and strictly follow the recommendations of Google Search Console.

The relationship between these 3 items directly influences searchesHowever, exerting influence is not related to having a better position or more visitors, for example:

Let's assume there are 2 articles about the human brain:

🩺 Article 1: Written by a neuroscientist, published in a scientific journal and addresses hypotheses and test analyzes about how the mind works. This article is linked in institutions and has been shared by email a few times.

🤓 Article 2: Written by a curious person, it talks about curiosities about the mind. The article is highly shared on social media and contains a video with many views.

⚠️ In the example, as with any well-ranked article on Google, we will consider that they are well written, without fallacies and original.

Unless you are from the area and search for the doctor's name or represent good knowledge, Article 2 will have more views on Google and consequently, visits. Normally, the number of visits does not reflect quality in itself, but rather popularity, that is, search volume. The number of visits is also not directly related to the success of the project, using the same case to illustrate:

🩺 Article 1: It receives 10 monthly visits via Google. One of them was from an institution that contacted the doctor, in other words, objective completed.

🤓 Article 2: It accumulated 200.000 visits via Google. The website's objective is to generate revenue by displaying advertising, in other words, objective completed.

If the website achieves its objective by receiving just 1 visit, its objective has been successfully achieved. If a website receives 100.000 visits but doesn't reach its goal, the site is a failure. 

Finishing on authority, it is important to understand that the content evergreen, due to its characteristic timeless, can be an excellent technique for increase authority when approaching our de complete and deep way. One of the most authoritative websites on the internet is Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and its content is mostly evergreen. Always think about website authority with the Google doing this question: Can I trust this site to talk about this subject?

6 of 8: 🎯 Importance of Evergreen content for marketing and business

Due to its characteristic of not being linked to dates or moments and having a long-term validity, the content evergreen can be an effective way to ensure good positioning in searches and authority for years.

The cost-benefit of the content, since no need for recurring editorial work to obtain consistent results in guaranteed results over a long period.

Unlike social networks or news portals where periodic update work is required, evergreen content can be well worked on when created and bear fruit over a long period of time. It is also important to mention that evergreen content usually has a depth characteristic and addresses topics in a more complete and complex way, thus increasing the authority of the publisher or brand.

For marketing specifically, evergreen content helps in several ways:

  • Brand awareness: since the depth and coverage of the topic reflect authority;
  • Production cost-benefit efficiency: since the content can be enjoyed for a long time;
  • Data Analysis: evergreen content allows monitoring of positioning, query terms, impressions on Google, CTR, among other data with few accidents, since there is not much change in the sample space (published content);

Meanwhile, in company, We have the efficient use of resources, organization of the company's proposal and appreciation of material. Furthermore, as we are talking about long-standing content, links well positioned on Google can be considered a company's asset, once there are results, there is added value.

Evergreen content is highly important for companies in different segments. It is important to emphasize that when we talk about this type of content, we are not necessarily talking about articles or publications, for example, a list of products can be evergreen content.

7 of 8: 🤖 Evergreen Content and AI

Generative artificial intelligence can be a strong ally in the production of evergreen content, as it is possible acquire insights quickly with it, however, the way in which AI combines and merges content to offer an answer "yet" does not have an adequate level to perform in searches - remembering that the idea of ​​evergreen content is to continue receiving hits from Google for a long time.

The texts produced by AI have identifiable patterns and normally do not please the user as well as a good text written by a capable person and expert on the subject, so it is recommended do not use AI texts as a final product, even if referenced.

As discussed above, the advantage of evergreen content is the guarantee of long-term results, that is, it needs to be produced with diligence and dedication to ensure that it will have impressions and clicks on Google for years. I cannot see (today) a way for artificial intelligence to satisfactorily create content created by humans. In fact, this is another important item, namely:

Every article is written by an author, then presupposes that Author wrote the material. If the writer generated the text by AI or copied from somewhere without mention or talk about, he is "cheating" and that only has negative effects. The same goes for a company or organization, you cannot copy third-party material or material generated by AI (or even other software) and attribute its creation to another source, in this case, the company itself.

8 of 8: Conclusion

The content evergreen 🌳 is synonymous with consistent access and authority over a long period of time. This type of content can be informative in the form of articles, institutional texts, promotional material, among others. Even if applicable in various types and formats, the most common use is in the production of articles.

He is part of SEO, in other words, creating evergreen content is about receiving visitors from Google searches. To create it, it is important understand how people search for what you offer, depends on search volume, that is, how many people are searching for it.

Pages with evergreen content are accessed via internal links or a page that unites them, in this case, a Topic Cluster. The correct use of Topic Cluster to unite evergreens and other types of content directly affects the website's authority.

Its use is fundamental in content marketing, SEO and directly impacts companies. It is important that the content be created by people, use AI just like hardware for insights, captions, among others. 

I believe that the most important thing to finish is to leave this message: the quality of the content and the visitor's experience when consuming and interacting with it are the key. Create relevant, original evergreen content that adds value to the user and the chances of success are multiplied.

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