What Are Qualified Leads, How to Generate, Identify and Capture

Qualified leads are contacts that perfectly fit the audience that the commercial sector needs.

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Qualified leads are visitors to a website, where the page he is browsing is popularly called a landing page or landing page and this visitor, while browsing, provides his contact information.

Usually the visitor provides their information in the following ways:

- Filling in a contact form;

- Filling out a form required to receive or download content. Like an e-book, for example;

- Accessing application links, such as Whatsapp, where the phone number is exposed;

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What are Qualified Leads?

Qualified leads are contacts that perfectly fit the audience that the commercial sector is looking for as a future customer, therefore, it is more sustainable for purchase and satisfaction.

There is no specific way to understand if the lead is qualified or not, as each type of company has specific needs, products and audiences.

In addition, qualification can have specific types, for example, a lead can be qualified to receive a call, another lead for a message and a third for a virtual or even face-to-face meeting. 

Although we don't have a single concrete answer, it is important to understand that qualified leads are hotter to fulfill the objective of the marketing campaign. Thinking of a website that seeks new customers when receiving leads, qualified leads are the contacts that will be better customers, will be more satisfied and naturally the negotiation will also have a higher success rate.

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In this funnel with the standard stages we have the lead reception that fits first in the marketing and later in the commercial. After receiving a proposal (opportunity) the lead buys and thus the funnel ends, becoming a customer.

How to identify unqualified and qualified leads

It all starts with the way the data is being collected, if the data and its management do not provide enough and correct data, it is impossible to filter qualified leads.

For example, a company that has in its portfolio of clients that are companies with 10 to 50 employees in the food sector knows that this profile has a greater chance of being a good client, so a form with the company name and company size fields company can do a great segmentation.

Another example, usually those who read the website more and consume the content are more likely to be a good customer than those who left the contact without understanding what it is all about. In a ranking of who spent the most time on the website, those at the top are more qualified than those who are not.

It is important to understand that the search for qualification is a constant optimization process. It is necessary to direct your content and ways of capturing contacts according to the understanding of qualitative and quantitative effectiveness.

Tools and techniques to generate qualified leads

In addition to the manual work of the marketing and sales sector, separating leads according to the message and data of the form, it is possible to use techniques and tools to understand and automatically separate qualified leads and we can separate the levels of progress into: collection, processing and involvement.

Collect: The collection process is the first step is extremely important. The more data collected, the better. And we are not talking about filled data, as it is possible to collect important items such as:

- The visitor was using a computer or cell phone to get in touch;

- Links that the visitor navigated;

- How long he stayed on the page;

- Which site led the visitor to your website;

- Use UTM and parameters that identify marketing campaigns;
How many times the visitor has entered your website;

These are examples of data that may be processed during collection in addition to the form itself.

Processing: To carry out the processing, software such as a CRM is required. The CRM can cross-reference the data provided with too much to determine the quality of the lead, in addition to whether the visitor has already sent a message before or if they already have a record of activities and business with the company. The biggest advantage of automated processing by software is the scalability of the process, saving time and providing higher quality contacts for the salesperson.

Involvement: Engagement takes place through automated interactivity with the contact after receiving the initial contact. To generate engagement it is necessary to work with the list of contacts received as follows:

- Sending e-mails of news, content, promotions and satisfaction questions;

- Making connections;

- Sending messages by applications;

- Calling for virtual or face-to-face meetings;

- Lead engagement with these activities will demonstrate their level of interest and can increase your score as a good lead.

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Qualified leads are the contacts that are statistically more likely to close a deal and become good customers. Qualified leads are a result of:

Understand who your good customers are;

- Have a website with relevant content and ways to capture contact;
Collect data in such a way that it is possible to filter them;

- Process data efficiently to filter automatically;

- Engage leads to segment them according to engagement;

To get qualified leads it is necessary to invest in software such as CRM, digital marketing campaigns and have a website.

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What Are Qualified Leads, How to Generate, Identify and Capture

Qualified leads are contacts that perfectly fit the audience that the commercial sector needs.

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